Franzis BMW Motorcycle Engine Model Kit


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The BMW R90S was one of the motorcycle icons of the 1970s. When it came on the market in 1973 it was one of the fastest series production motorcycles of its time.

With this Franzis BMW R90S Boxermotor Flat-Twin Engine Kit, you can enjoy a transparent, functional model of the two-cylinder flat engine of the legendary BMW R 90 S which fascinates its numerous fans worldwide to this day. A special highlight of the model kit is its true-to-detail fave-speed gearbox. Fun technology for you and your whole family!

The Construction Kit
Assemble a detailed transparent engine model of the BMW R 90 S in around 3 hours - including a five-speed gearbox. Thanks to the transparent construction, you can understand the structure, functioning and mechanics of the two-cylinder engine on a scale of 1:2, first during assembly and then from outside during movement. See how the crankshaft, cylinder, and piston work in real-time. The sparks in the cylinders are simulated by LEDs. In addition, the function model integrates a sound module with a sound recording of the original engine. All parts of the model kit move exactly as the original does. The approx 200 components are easy to stick and screw together - without any adhesive.

The Manual
The high-quality manual offers lots of both fun and knowledge. Learn about the history of BMW motorcycles and understand the successful concept of the flat-twin engine. Numerous illustrations provide a deep insight into the fascinating world of the BMW "superbike" R 90 S.

With the help of the detailed step-by-step construction manual, you can build your own flat-twin engine, either for your workshop or your living room. Show the world that there is an engineer inside you waiting to come out!

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