Kyosho 1:18 Nissan Skyline 2000GT-R - Silver


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The first Skyline (also known as “Hakosuka”) was actually the third car produced after the merger of Prince Motors with Nissan Motor Corporation. While development was already underway at Prince Motors before the merger, the subsequent incorporation of key components from Nissan produced performance that the name “Skyline” became famous for.

The GT-R was a sports model featuring the S20 engine, which was a detuned version of the GR8 engine mounted in the R380 racing car. Prior to its release in February 1969, it was first exhibited as a prototype at the Tokyo Motor Show in 1968 under the name Skyline 2000 GT “R380 engine equipped car”.

While the adoption of a 4-valve DOHC, which was rare for a production engine at the time, was the main focus of attention, other structures and components in the car were also regarded as being over-engineered. With 160ps/18.0kgm specifications, it was the strongest machine at that time and boasted a maximum speed of 200km/h with acceleration of 0-400m in 16 seconds 1. The cost of the engine alone was about 700,000 yen, which made up about half the vehicle price. The suspension was equipped with strengthened springs, dampers, stabilizers, etc. to accommodate the high-performance engine, however, other parts such as tires seemed like they were fitted to be replaced with a variety of competition-level after-market options.

In order to fit wide tires, the surfing line was cut and there was no rear defogger, molding or wheel caps included. The windows were uncolored transparent. Built for pure driving, the interior features were equally sparse with radio, heater, clock and cigarette lighter all optional. The seats had no reclining mechanism and passenger headrest and seatbelt were optional.

Although the sedan was short-lived, minor changes were still made from the original model: shape of the front grill (3 pieces → 1 piece), color of the fender mirror (silver → black), steering material (wood → genuine leather). This 1970 model incorporates the minor changes made.

The sedan model recorded 36 of its famous 50 touring car race wins, which is more than the two-door hard top that appeared later.

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