So Slime DIY Tye & Dye Washer

Slime DIY

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A real spinning washing machine! Add your slime to the drum, close the door and then choose your scented colours.

Turn on the washer, watch it spin, your on your way to creating amazing Tye Dye slime! Once made you can play with your creation in the laundry basket or store it in the bottle. Make awesome spirals in your ready-made clear slime!

Which colour combination will you choose? Doing the laundry will never be more fun!


  • Create your own scented Tie Dye slime!
  • Real spinning washing machine!
  • Add colours to create your own unique slime!
  • Fun straight out of the box with ready-made slime!
  • Create awesome spiral patterns


  • 1 Slime Machine
  • 1 Basket
  • 1 Slime Container
  • 2 Clear Slimes
  • 3 Scented Colors
  • Stickers
  • Gloves

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