Transformers Autobot Ratchet Masterpiece Movie Series


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Modelled on the Transformers live action films, Movie Masterpiece authentic figures feature film-inspired details and accessories, ideal for displaying on collectors’ shelves. This authentic Transformers collectible figure was inspired by the CAD files from the first Transformers film and includes die-cast parts and 150 deco ops with more than 35 points of articulation. Imagine re-enacting the epic street battle from the first Transformers film between Ratchet and Starscream with this figure and MPM-10 Starscream (each sold separately, subject to availability). Look out for more Movie Masterpiece figures to re-imagine iconic scenes from the Transformers films. (Each sold separately. Subject to availability.) This MPM-11 Autobot Ratchet figure converts from the film-accurate official Hummer H2 rescue vehicle to robot mode in 61 steps. The figure includes highly articulated hands, movable mouth, and missile, laser cannon and buzz saw arm attachment accessories.